DIVEST! chronicles 350.org's Do the Math bus tour as it launched the fossil fuel divestment campaign onto the national and ultimately international stage.

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"DIVEST! is a powerful testament to the importance of withdrawing support from the fossil fuel industry. As an important step in following up the Paris Accord, it vividly highlights the urgency of action. An excellent guide for community discussions."
Dr. Richard Tucker, Adjunct Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Author, Insatiable Appetite: The United States and Ecological Degradation of the Tropical World

"This remarkable film holds the potential to inspire courage and meaningful action among viewers."
Shannon Elizabeth Bell, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Kentucky, Author, Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed: Appalachian Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice

 "DIVEST! puts the stars of today's climate change movement in the spotlight as they juxtapose the movement's chilling facts with its hopeful energy. This documentary is a valuable audiovisual complement to recent publications by Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein that is sure to stimulate constructive conversation..."
Dr. Anna J. Willow, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, The Ohio State University

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